Microsoft PlayReady is a set of technologies from Microsoft including encryption, output prevention, and digital rights management (DRM).
INISOFT, is a preferred Microsoft PlayReady partner in the Asia Pacific region.
Also, as a preferred Microsoft PlayReady partner, we provide Player SDK for Android and iOS fully integrated with PlayReady.
We can manage your PlayReady Final Product on your behalf just as if you were licensed directly with Microsoft.
With our solution you can deliver your premium contents to every possible customer you can think of without a hassle.

How can you get the PFPL cert.? (takes 1-2weeks)
1) Contact
2) Instruction of how to acquire the PFPL certificate
3) Agreement process
4) Download the certificate
5) Report usage numbers to INISOFT
Professional service

We have extensive experience and expertise in the development of media streaming and protection.
We offer consultancy on various areas including media business, model, cost optimization, legacy system migration, and POC of cutting-edge
Our solutions can be tailored to your needs.
INISOFT Technical Account Manager will assist your request and closely work with you to ensure your project’s success.