Telco OTT Service

It is difficult for Telecommunication companies to use
external OVP service since you have your own network infrastructure.
However, you can’t give up the professional service and convenient managed service
for video streaming services because of the infrastructure.
INISOFT provides Managed OVP Service helping you to overcome those difficulties.
With our Managed OVP Service, you can provide your own OTT service or
Video Platform using INISOFT’s proven products on your Infrastructure or Private Cloud.

Managed Network(Telco)
5G Video Service

5G enables mobile networks to go beyond wired networks.
This offers extraordinary mobile video services with high-speed network you never thought of.
Don’t think mobile video goes with frequent buffering.
5G mobile video gives you totally new and startling experience.

What should we prepare for the new experience?
INISOFT has the answer.

VidView(Multi-Angle Video)

Do you still watch Live broadcasting with a single angle of view?
What if, you can choose and watch the views as much as you can at the same time?
INISOFT VidView provides end-to-end solution for multi-angle video.
With VidView solution, your end users can select
their favorite sports player or idol member they would like to see with the mobile.
Don’t confuse with previous multi-angle solution.
VidView solution offers one main view with selective views as much as you want.
Enjoy watching with your taste!

VidExp(QoE) Service

When video starts playing, player requires high download speed to fill the initial buffer as quickly as possible.
Once the buffer is full, a bandwidth slightly above the video’s encoded bitrate ensures continuous playback.
So, after the initial 2-3 secs, player can switch to a lower cost CDN without degrading end user’s viewing quality.
End user’s video watching pattern shows long-tail. With long-tail distribution,
commonly used LRU caching algorithm does not work efficiently, because, frequent cache misses occur.
Instead, if hot contents are located in high-speed, closer-to-user storages, and
cold contents in low-cost storages, overall storage and network cost can be optimized.

VidExp collects QoE data during playback, and periodically sends it to the QoE server.
QoE data includes startup time, buffering incidents, played bitrate, and download speed for each video segments.


01CDN cost optimization
02Content encoding
03Video streaming optimization
04CDN cost optimization and fail over
05ML-based ABR algorithm
06Data analysis/content recommendation

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