INISOFT VidKeyService is a Multi-DRM License service deploys both on Cloud and On-Premise.
As a SaaS Platform, VidKeyService designs simple and incredible experiences across different environments.


INISOFT VidPlayer is a Player SDK for multi-platforms(Android, iOS, HTML5)/-protocols for video streaming service.
VidPlayer supports literally a wide range of devices and advanced features such as AD-insertion and nDVR.
INISOFT tightly works with major chip-set vendors to resolve any playback issues immediately.
Many of the world’s top-tier service providers have selected our VidPlayer because of its solid performance.


INISOFT VidCoder analyzes the characteristic of the content through Machine Learning and
automatically finds the optimal resolutions and required bitrates.
By investing each video titles and shots, the VidCoder can also handle certain shots having different characteristic
in one title such as opening, ending and highlight. INISOFT guarantees you to save the CDN traffic and storage costs
by reducing the bit at the same video quality compared to other companies.


Need to support new formats and DRM?
Struggling transforming hundreds of TB libraries?
INISOFT VidStreamer helps you real-time conversion without batch processing.
You may use existing DASH content to support Fairplay.


INISOFT VidLive is a perfect server for OTT Live Streaming.
You can deliver your service to a wide variety of devices.
It also supports DRM and fully featured with nDVR, ARIB, and AD-insertion.
Improve your service quality like broadcast with high availability.